GoldMine 2022.3, 2022.3.1 and 2022.4 Released!

GoldMine Version 2022.3 Release Notes

What’s New in GoldMine Version 2022.3

GoldMine Premium Edition

  • Linking messages encrypted with Office 365 Message Encryption and Microsoft Information Protection

What’s Changed in GoldMine Version 2022.3

GoldMine Premium Edition

  • Upgraded cURL library to 7.84.0
  • Replaced the embedded browser with Edge WebView2 in the Constant Contact connector
  • Replaced the prerequisite VSTO 2007 with VSTO 2010
  • GoldMine Plus! for Outlook can be installed on Microsoft Office on 64-bits
  • Replaced the prerequisite Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 with .Net Framework 4.8
  • Added a new setting in GoldMine Plus! for Office to set the data provider name, for more information, please read the GoldMine help

What’s Fixed in GoldMine Version 2022.3

  • Goldmine Freezes when stopping an email from going out.
  • GoldMine Web – ERROR: Error occurred while processing request to database
  •  When email address is the same in Outlook as the personal contact in GoldMine, Sync with Outlook  unlinks activity.
  •  GoldMine Email – When downloading emails with certain fonts in a signature (here Segoe UI) – GoldMine displays them/parts of the email in Times New Roman – FONT tags seem to be changed
  • Meeting requests from certain time zones to GoldMine recipients in different time zones are not adjusted correctly in GoldMine and show original scheduled times.
  • Email encoding – Certain Chinese characters are not encoded properly when sending an email from GoldMine
  • Constant Contact Login – Script errors – 1st Error: Expected ‘(‘ and 2nd Error: Object doesnt support property or method ‘doScroll’
  • GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook – Users link manually sent e-mails to GoldMine with attachment(s), the email links to GoldMine but many times does not link the attachments (neither on file server nor as the email attachment reference)
  • Constant Contact Login – Cloudflare mechanism will not allow to proceed with CC login, no way to get around this
  •  GoldMine Plus for Office – Setup – Saving Login information for User and Password allows only 15 characters for the Password
  • Speller/TLX files are not retained during an upgrade of GoldMine. The user’s speller files are lost after an upgrade of GoldMine
  • GoldMine Logs are truncated in the SYSLOG from Process Monitor – This makes it impossible to verify certain behaviors later in the Tools >> Logs >> GoldMine logs
  •  GoldMine Plus Outlook: When a friendly name is in Lastname, Firstname and email was linked into GoldMine and the user replies from GoldMine the Lastname is treated as an email address
  • Regression: Default email account changes when replying to emails that were received from a different account
  • The ‘Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0’ provider is not registered on the local machine. when performing Word mail merge

GoldMine Version 2022.3.1 Release Notes

What’s Fixed in GoldMine Version 2022.3 HotFix 1

GoldMine Link for Microsoft Outlook: Windows Server OS Trust Center pops up with a request to allow or deny access when trying to link an email, it also happens on Outlook Sync

GoldMine Version 2022.4 Release Notes

GoldMine Premium Edition

  • Automatic autosave as draft emails in the Email Center

What’s Changed in GoldMine Version 2022.4

GoldMine Premium Edition

  • Upgraded cURL library to 7.85

GoldMine Connect/GoldMine Web

  • Upgraded the Moment library to 2.29.4

What’s Fixed in GoldMine Version 2022.4

  • Changing the linked contact record for a case in the GoldMine Service Center, these changes do not synchronize.
  •  Activity list loads data without order by clause but instead by their order in the database which leads that activities are not appearing unless a column header is pressed and/or all available activities are loaded into the grid
  •  Change Opportunity with several forecasted sales from context menu (Edit) changes the first forecast value to the overall amount and leaves other forecasts
  • Fields/column description requested for CAL/CALDEF
  • Context-dependent (F2) Lookup values setup: The only valid when [XYZ] contains setup will only allow 20 characters instead of the full value of the specific Lookup: also it is not a CONTAINS but an EQUAL query
  • Re-sending emails from History that were linked with Outlook Link will not be sent successfully and an NDR with bare line feed characters error will be received. 550 5.6.11 SMTPSEND.BareLinefeedsAreIllegal
  • Receiving TEAMS invites with special characters in the Subject >> characters are scrambled after being downloaded in the invite (still show correct in the Subjct of the email)
  •  Recurring daily activities with skipping weekends: scheduled wrong or even crashes GoldMine when the activity is scheduled on a last Friday in the month and there are only Saturday or Saturday and Sunday left in that month
  • InstallShield issue: Pre-requisite .Net 4.8 installation failed when upgrading GoldMine on the App server although 4.8 is already installed