Here is an update video for the Malformed E-mail Address Cleaner application for GoldMine. In this video I demonstrate the ability to update/edit a malformed email address to be a valid email address.

There are times when a malformed or invalid email address just needs to be updated to make it valid vs just deleting it. For example, maybe the email has 2 @@ signs and just needs to be updated to have just 1 @ sign. There are also times when the email contains a ,com or ,org or ,net, vs a .com or .org or .net. It would be much more beneficial to clean those up vs removing them.

There are other instances as presented in a previous video demonstration where a phone number is inserted as an email address or a website address is inserted as an email address, and the value entered just needs to be removed.

This Malformed Email Addresss Cleaner application makes cleaning up your Malformed Emails in GoldMine much easier and faster.