New QuoteWerks Pricing/Licensing Model

Important News For All QuoteWerks Users and Prospective Users!
The maker of QuoteWerks, the #1 Award-winning quote and proposal writing software, is making major changes to their pricing and licensing model that will take effect September 30, 2019.
QuoteWerks is moving to an annual subscription based pricing plan, versus a one-time purchase with annual maintenance. Here are the new main implications.  I’m going keep this short as possible:

1. NEW QuoteWerks Purchases – It is much less expensive to purchase and maintain QuoteWerks BEFORE the new pricing model goes into effect.

Take away: Buy QuoteWerks NOW before the new pricing goes into effect!!!
2. Existing QuoteWerks Users – IF your maintenance is current you will be grandfathered under the current pricing model.  So you can add licenses, get updates, etc.
Take Away: Keep your maintenance current!  Plus, if you are off maintenance let’s reinstate you BEFORE the deadline!!!
If either of these two scenarios applies and you want me to address specifics for your firm, please contact me at (845) 221-3800.. 
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