Track your Mailchimp email campaigns in GoldMine CRM

MailChimp is a very popular email marketing system with some very impressive features and integration options. Mailchimp is free forever if you are sending to less then 2,000 subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails per a month. Once your subscriber list grows to over 2000 emails, you then begin to pay a low monthly fee and get access to additional features.

Over the years I have had many GoldMine CRM users ask me if GoldMine can integrate with Mailchimp. The answer today is YES, your MailChimp can integrate with your GoldMine CRM, using and DBX MailChimp Connect.

WHAT IS EMAIL CAMPAIGN TRACKER? allows you to generate trackable email hyperlinks that you insert (copy/paste) into your MailChimp email campaigns and when your email recipients click on these trackable hyperlinks, Email Campaign Tracker will automatically update your email recipients contact record in GoldMine CRM system with the information about who clicked a link, what type of link they clicked, what link they clicked on, and the date/time the recipient clicked on the link. You can also generate single-click “Call To Action” hyperlinks for things such as:

  • Request a Call
  • Request a Quote/Proposal
  • Request a Demo
  • Request a Free Trial
  • Register for an Event
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter

Once your email recipient clicks on your “Call-To-Action” hyperlink(s), you can trigger GoldMine Automated Processes to immediately initiate workflow/automated follow-up within GoldMine CRM.

For instance when a user clicks a specific hyperlink (request a sales call), you can schedule a call or next action for an assigned sales rep in GoldMine, trigger a series of emails to be sent out to the contact, update a field in the contact record, add a contact to a group in GoldMine, the possibilities are quite numerous.

Now that your email campaigns click track results are stored in your GoldMine CRM database, you can also generate reports based on who clicked on what links, who opened or who unsubscribed. All your campaigns activity results are at your finger-tips in your CRM system and you can be alerted immediately when recipients click on your campaigns hyperlinks. Use Mailchimp to send your campaigns and manage your hard bounces and unsubscribes, and use Email Campaign Tracker to track your MailChimp email recipients click activity in your GoldMine CRM system.


Email Campaign Tracker offers a 30 Day Free Trial with no credit card required. At the end of your 30 day free trial sign-up for either a $50/month subscription or a $500/year subscription, you can also cancel at anytime.

DBX MailChimp Connect

DBX Mailchimp Connect can be used to upload your GoldMine Group members to your MailChimp subscriber list. You no longer need to export and import your subscribers email addresses via CSV. DBX Mailchimp Connect makes it as easy as clicking a few buttons/options.

In addition to uploading your lists to Mailchimp, DBX MailChimp Connect makes it easy to remove/update your GoldMine contacts based on the Unsubscribes and Bounces from your MailChimp subscribers list. Easily remove any emails that have hard bounced from a MailChimp campaign and update a Contacts email address if they have opted-out of your list in Mailchimp. Keep your Mailchimp and your GoldMine database in sync by using DBX MailChimp Connect.

Download a free trial of DBX Mailchimp Connect today.


DBX MailChimp Connect is $119.00/License (includes $25.00 First Year of Software Maintenance)

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