Email Campaign Tracker allows you to create trackable email hyperlinks that integrate with your GoldMine CRM system

Every email campaign has a purpose. Whether it’s to inform users of a product update, an upcoming event, or the latest product offerings, every campaign should exist for a reason and have a goal. In most cases, that goal is to get your email recipients to click on your Call-To-Action hyperlinks.

The copy and design of your email campaign can go a long way towards getting users to interact with your email, but the most important part of eliciting interaction is the Call-To-Action, (CTA).

Email Campaign Tracker allows you to create trackable email hyperlinks that integrates with your GoldMine CRM system. Use your preferred email marketing system (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Goldmine, etc.) to design, create and send your HTML email campaigns and insert your hyperlinks using our trackable email hyperlink builder tool.  We’ll automatically and instantaneously alert and notify your GoldMine users & sales reps the moment your email recipients interact with your email campaigns. Update the email recipients GoldMine contact record with what website hyperlink or “Call-To-Action” hyperlink they clicked on. Trigger GoldMine Automated Processes to schedule sales calls, appointments, next actions, and/or send follow-up emails.

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