Stop Paying Rent on Your CRM Software

Why pay rent year after year, and still not own your data? For less than a year’s rent you can own your GoldMine CRM software license and use it as long as you want! Don’t rent when you can own for less.

 Other Benefits:

  • Off-Line Access – You can use GoldMine even when you don’t have Internet access
  • Be More Productive – GoldMine operates faster than web applications and gives you the flexibility to be on more screens at once
  • No Need to “upload documents” – Every time you want to link a file you won’t have to upload it – A big time saver and you don’t have to pay for storage
  • The Data is Yours – When you stop paying rent for “software as a service” you don’t get your data back! With GoldMine your data never leaves your office unless you want it to. Because the data is in house you access it easily for integration and other uses