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One of our favorite add-on products, MasterMine, has introduced a significant update – Version 9.0.   MasterMine is a reporting & analysis tool for both MasterMine and QuoteWerks.

Link to White Paper – How to use reporting to grow and manage your business.

Below is a bullet list of “what’s new” in MasterMine 9.  But to fully appreciate MasterMine, before or after the 9.x release, one has to see it!

First Direct will demonstrate MasterMine for you.  We will even do so ON YOUR OWN GoldMine database, if you’d like. (We can also show it using our data.)  Let us analyze your data and get a first hand appreciation of MasterMine’s powerful functionality.

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Overview of MasterMineclick to watch short video

Features added to MasterMine 9.x:

More Compatibility

  • GoldMine 2016 and 2017 guaranteed;
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 through 2016;
  • Windows 7 through 10;
  • Availability in Hosted GoldMine environment (Cloud Jumper), BYOL or subscription;
  • Compatibility with 64-bit Excel for MMUpdater users

New MMUpdater features

  • Create sub-records: Additional Contacts, Details, Pending, History;
  • Create notes records;
  • Better manage existing sub-records like e-mail addresses, websites

Report Management

  • Launch Search;
  • Favorites section

Easier Report Transport & Sharing

  • Snapshot to Archive;
  • Import from non-MasterMine sources;
  • Export to non-MasterMine Excel, PDF, or CSV

Find Templates Easier

  • Treeview access to templates by function;
  • Reorganized and enhanced toolkits for: Database Analysis, GoldMine
  • Maintenance, Sales Activity Tracking, Forecasting & Sales Tracking, Opportunities, Marketing Segmentation & List Management, Account Analysis

Enhanced Security Features

  • Lock filter fields (i.e. USER);
  • Master user license management

New & Improved GM Management Templates

  • Notes Tab reporting;
  • E-mail address error correction;
  • Record Curtaining Management;
  • Duplicate checking and correction;
  • E-mail Inbox Tree by User;
  • Log-based reports: Records Added, Records Deleted, User Log Report;
  • Call Report with Last and Next Call Info;
  • Refined Contstant Contact and IntelliClick Reports

Over 120 Bug Fixes & Minor Enhancements

  • Coming soon: 
    Better user-role and licensing management – Licensing module, Free/cheap “Viewer” license type, Freeware option

Register for FREE 45 Minute Webinar

Request a personal demonstration (Private meeting during which we can analyze YOUR GoldMine data.)

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