Email2DB – Email Automation Software


Automate incoming Email Messages, Twitter Feeds, Web & Data Sources. Create triggers based on message content to automate your business processes and send auto-responses. Parse & extract information to integrate with your business database & CRM systems.

Plus… Email2DB will do more than just update your databases. You can print custom reports, update contacts, save attachments to specific folders, send multiple outgoing emails, send SMS text messages, send faxes, update CRM systems, backup emails to your favorite database, run scripts & macros – all from received emails.

GoldMine CRM users, check out the Post To Web feature for integration with GoldMine via GoldMine Web Import. Using this feature you can submit/post  email data to a web script which can then format the data as required by GoldMine Web Import feature to create/update GoldMine records automatically. Great for online order processing, lead processing, etc.


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